This old crackers house

If you know me you know that I spend a lot of time working on restoring my old home in historic North Chattanooga. The past week Nik and I have been restoring the double hung windows in our master bedroom. While working on 2 of them that had water damage it became clear that the water damage was so bad in one of them that I would have to completely rebuild the bottom rail of the upper window sash. This was no small job and took most of a day and a host of my woodworking tools to complete but I am proud to announce the window is restored. On the other window the sill plate was completely rotten so this had to be removed and replaced as well. 2 down, 3 to go and the windows in this room are repaired. These were the worst of the lot so I don’t expect anything out of the ordinary with the other 3 but you never know in in this old crackers house.

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