Rolling Shop Cart

Recently my local PBS station started carrying the show The Woodsmith Shop which is hosted by the editors of Woodsmith Magazine. This is a great show for beginning and advanced woodworkers alike. For me, a beginner, the show is great because it is mostly about techniques and not about building a specific project. As much as I love the New Yankee Workshop Norm is a master and makes it look easy as I can attest to by purchasing some of his plans and trying to tackle them.

Anyway, they do actually build stuff on the show and so far it have mostly been things used around the shop like a workbench and a rolling shop cart. I have now built both of these and I wanted to show off some pictures of my handy work.

Below are several pictures of my rolling shop cart. It is made out of birch plywood, glue and cabinet screws and rides on some locking and swiveling casters. These pictures do not include the drawer box that goes in the bottom as I don’t have the hardboard bottom yet.

Shop Cart 1

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Shop Cart

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