Makes we want to scream.

I find it very difficult to not run out into the street and bang my head against concrete sidewalks. Watching the news is the most frustrating thing in the world. As the shit hits the fan in Iraq ans as the world bakes due to global warming the media reports on the every move of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Meanwhile, the most corrupt administration in the history of the United States continues to sink this country even further into the depths of hell. New allegations have emerged that the previous Surgeon General was put on a gag order at the expense of peoples health due to the administrations simpleton ideological views. Then to top it all of we have Micheal Chertoff telling us that his magical gut has a feeling there is going to be some new terrorist activity and the big man himself repeating the same old lies about how the people in Iraq causing the problems now are the same ones responisble for the attack on 9-11.

It boggles the mind how Bush’s approval rating is still in the 30’s and not dropped down into the teens. This latest bit of info just really sums it all up. It seems that a recent report from the pentagon shows that the “no bid” contracts given out to 2 companies to produce the much needed armored vehicles has in fact been given the contract when it was known they would take longer. The reality of the situation is that the product they have delivered is less than stellar and is way behind schedule. So all this talk about how not supporting the war is putting our troops at risk is laughable when compared to the way our administration is supporting our troops which is actually putting them at risk. The fat cats get richer and richer while our troops get killed.

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