Great metal show last night at JJ’s. Actually the first of several good shows over the next 3 days. Last night Black Cobra w/ Night of the Wolf and Bison BC. Black Cobra roared and as usual local metal gods Night of the Wolf were on fire. They played a new song as well. Opening was another band that I had never heard and am not sure where they are from, Bison BC. All three acts were great.

Today is Mustache Friday and the fun gets started at 8:00 at JJ’s for a Fat Tire mustache fest. Playing for Mustache Friday at JJ’s is local rockers Up with the Jonses which should be a good time but I will be down at Discoteca for Reigning Sound. See all you mustachios out and about tonight.

Tomorrow Lord T and Eloise return to our fair city for a show at Rythm and Brews. I hate that venue but I will still get out to support those guys.

Finally, Sunday night is the return of Shellshag to JJ’s. If you don’t get out this weekend to enjoy some music then you are an idiot and I don’t want to know you. The quality of the music going on in this town is amazing.

Looks like the opening band last night was not Bison BC. Not sure who they were.

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2 Responses to METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. justin Hollywood says:

    They were Sick Weapons from BAltimore md

  2. drewcifer says:

    Thanks justin.

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