About Chattavegas

What is Chattavegas? Chattavegas is the pseudo name of our town. Wanna come for a visit? Here are some things you should do while you are here:

  • Rock City – Super cheesy tourist spot but a cool natural wonder
  • River Walk/Parks – Many miles of walking and cycling trails as well as some damn nice parks to hang out in
  • Champy’s Fried Chicken – Best fried chicken in town. You could also try Bea’s if you want to eat with blue hairs are a big lazy susan.
  • Ocoee River – OK not really Chattanooga but close enough and some fun whitewater rafting.
  • Mountain Biking – We have lots and lots of mountain bike trails within a 1/2 hour drive of downtown. Try 5 points, enterprise south, racoon mountain and stringers ridge.

There are many many more things to do here also.

Chattavegas is also my own personal domain name that I use for various purposes for testing web technologies for my own curiosity and for work. It has also become my personal blog about my life which you may or may not find interesting. If you do please send me comments and words of encouragement. If you don’t please send me hateful comments and call me a loser. Lately I don’t seem to be posting anything.

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