Free Stuff

Free computers to the highest bidder or first one who asks.

Generic 1U Rackmount Server – plus a spare for more parts

  • dual 32 bit cpus
  • Unknown hard disks, I think 500GB but don’t remember
  • Unknown ram
  • 2 – 1U chassis, one is not working but can be used as parts for the other
  • I know 1 of them worked the last time I powered it up


Dell Poweredge 1650

  • Unknown CPUS – they are 32 bit though
  • Unknown RAM
  • Unknown # of drives
  • I know it worked before I pulled it out of the rack.


Dual Xeon (32 bit) – Old Tower Server 

  • Used to run before it was turned off.
  • Unknown ram
  • Unknown disks


Mac Mini – Older PowerPC CPU

  • 4 GB ram
  • runs forgot which version of OSX
  • VGA and HDMI connector

These come as is. They are free so don’t expect me to do to much to dig into the specs.



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Cleaning House

I am cleaning out the house of computer stuff I have accumulated over the years. Here are the items I am wanting to get rid of. I’m not asking much so make an offer.

Tripp-Lite PDUMH15ATNET 1U Rack Mount UPS

OOPS – Sorry this was not a UPS, it was a PDU. I had a UPS that looked exactly like this and mixed the 2 up. Gonna keep this, sorry for the mixup guys.

20150218_113023 20150218_113118

HP Proliant DL145 1U Rack Mount Server

  • Dual 64 bit athlon CPUs (don’t remember the speed)
  • 4 GB ram
  • 2 500GB drives (not sure about the size)

20150218_113219 20150218_113249

HP Proliant DL380 2U server

  • Dual 64 bit Xeon CPU
  • 2 – 72.8 GB Ultra320 SCSI drives
  • 4 – 146.8 GB Ultra320 SCSI drives
  • 8 GB ram (I think)
  • Dual power supplies

20150218_113407 20150218_113414

Avocent Switchview IP1020 – Remote KVM

20150218_114029 20150218_114038

DELL Poweredge 4600 Server – Big sucker, lots of Units

  • 4 32 bit processors
  • Unknown ram
  • 4 power supplies
  • Will provide more details if interested
  • 8 drive bays – unsure how many drives
  • If you are willing to come get it you can have it. IT IS NOT LIGHT.

20150218_130748 20150218_130755 20150218_130814

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Long time coming

But change is bound to come. And it came to this site.

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I picked up the supplies I need to make a nice dunkelweizen. Hope to have some photos and details of the process published this week.

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Been while

It has been awhile since I have pubished anything here so I will try and post some updates about the beers I am making and the woodworking projects I have going on. I am also about to venture into the world of all grain brewing and I will publish details of my trails and errors here as well.

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Champy’s Fried Chicken

If you have not made the trip to MLK to try Champy’s fried chicken do yourself a favor and do so. Hands down the best fried chicken in Chattanooga. Sorry Bea’s, the blue hairs and lazy susan’s are not enough to keep the crown. Champy’s chicken is crispy, made fresh to order and the sides are all out of this world. As an appetizer we got the tamales and although they do not compare to true tamales from Mexico or Central America they were mighty tasty. They also serve fourty ounce beers which if I was a younger man I would be all over.

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Vacation Fun

Just returned from a weeks vacation at Pawleys Island, SC and what a great time we had. One of the best vacation beach house locations I have ever been to. Long white sandy beaches, moderate sized waves good for body surfing and pleasant fall weather. Add on lots of Bloodies, Mojito’s and ice cold beer and you have the makings of a stress free week.

We started the vacation with a night of camping at Huntington Beach state park. The park was the former home of sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington and her husband who donated the land to the state of South Carolina after their home was destroyed by a hurricane. On our final day before we drove home we stopped at Brookgreen Gardens, adjacent to Huntington Beach State Park to check out their famous sculpture gardens containing many of Anna Hyatt Huntington sculptures. It might be catnip for old people and tourists but it was plenty beautiful.

Before leaving we ran through Murrel’s Inlet for some lunch on the water at Spud’s Waterfront Dining where I got a lunch seafood platter consisting of some perfectly poached flounder and scallops.

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This old crackers house

If you know me you know that I spend a lot of time working on restoring my old home in historic North Chattanooga. The past week Nik and I have been restoring the double hung windows in our master bedroom. While working on 2 of them that had water damage it became clear that the water damage was so bad in one of them that I would have to completely rebuild the bottom rail of the upper window sash. This was no small job and took most of a day and a host of my woodworking tools to complete but I am proud to announce the window is restored. On the other window the sill plate was completely rotten so this had to be removed and replaced as well. 2 down, 3 to go and the windows in this room are repaired. These were the worst of the lot so I don’t expect anything out of the ordinary with the other 3 but you never know in in this old crackers house.

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Great metal show last night at JJ’s. Actually the first of several good shows over the next 3 days. Last night Black Cobra w/ Night of the Wolf and Bison BC. Black Cobra roared and as usual local metal gods Night of the Wolf were on fire. They played a new song as well. Opening was another band that I had never heard and am not sure where they are from, Bison BC. All three acts were great.

Today is Mustache Friday and the fun gets started at 8:00 at JJ’s for a Fat Tire mustache fest. Playing for Mustache Friday at JJ’s is local rockers Up with the Jonses which should be a good time but I will be down at Discoteca for Reigning Sound. See all you mustachios out and about tonight.

Tomorrow Lord T and Eloise return to our fair city for a show at Rythm and Brews. I hate that venue but I will still get out to support those guys.

Finally, Sunday night is the return of Shellshag to JJ’s. If you don’t get out this weekend to enjoy some music then you are an idiot and I don’t want to know you. The quality of the music going on in this town is amazing.

Looks like the opening band last night was not Bison BC. Not sure who they were.

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Rolling Shop Cart

Recently my local PBS station started carrying the show The Woodsmith Shop which is hosted by the editors of Woodsmith Magazine. This is a great show for beginning and advanced woodworkers alike. For me, a beginner, the show is great because it is mostly about techniques and not about building a specific project. As much as I love the New Yankee Workshop Norm is a master and makes it look easy as I can attest to by purchasing some of his plans and trying to tackle them.

Anyway, they do actually build stuff on the show and so far it have mostly been things used around the shop like a workbench and a rolling shop cart. I have now built both of these and I wanted to show off some pictures of my handy work.

Below are several pictures of my rolling shop cart. It is made out of birch plywood, glue and cabinet screws and rides on some locking and swiveling casters. These pictures do not include the drawer box that goes in the bottom as I don’t have the hardboard bottom yet.

Shop Cart 1

Picture 1 of 4

Shop Cart

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