Free Stuff

Free computers to the highest bidder or first one who asks.

Generic 1U Rackmount Server – plus a spare for more parts

  • dual 32 bit cpus
  • Unknown hard disks, I think 500GB but don’t remember
  • Unknown ram
  • 2 – 1U chassis, one is not working but can be used as parts for the other
  • I know 1 of them worked the last time I powered it up


Dell Poweredge 1650

  • Unknown CPUS – they are 32 bit though
  • Unknown RAM
  • Unknown # of drives
  • I know it worked before I pulled it out of the rack.


Dual Xeon (32 bit) – Old Tower ServerĀ 

  • Used to run before it was turned off.
  • Unknown ram
  • Unknown disks


Mac Mini – Older PowerPC CPU

  • 4 GB ram
  • runs forgot which version of OSX
  • VGA and HDMI connector

These come as is. They are free so don’t expect me to do to much to dig into the specs.



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