Best show in ages?

$1 beer and 2 awesome bands on the way to SXSW. Could it get any better? I am still asking myself this after the show a week ago at JJ’s featuring An Albatross and the Apes. All you old farts who skipped this thinking the show would not be over until 2:00 in the morning missed out. The 2 out of town bands opened the show followed by local rockers Coral Castles. The Apes were fantastic as I expected but they were completely outdone by An Albatross whose spazzy hardcore sounds destroyed the tiny JJ’s room. Lead vocalist Edward B. Gieda III was a frenzy of whirling energy. At one point he was flailing wildly out in front of JJ’s in the center of main street as if daring a moving vehicle to try and take him down. At other points we was jumping from bar to stage and back. If he could have scaled the walls I have no doubt he would have. The rest of the band were packed onto the tiny stage but managed to have enough room to really throw down. If you missed this show then you really missed one of the better live shows to grace our fair city in some time.

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